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Arvind Gupta is known for his phenomenal contribution to popularisation of science among children, explaining scientific concepts through toys. He is equally passionate about good books for children especially in Hindi and has written some on how to make toys for trash and translated hundreds of them, bringing home stories from round the globe. Presently he is the curator for a novel experiment in interactive science learning, at the Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA). Best way to get to know Arvind is watch him interacting with children!!

Dr Barbara Scharioth has been the Director of International Jugend Bibliothek, Munich and enjoys long association with IBBY. She has had an opportunity to work with Jella Lepman in the foundational years of the International library for the Young and has contributed handsomely to the development of international research in Children's literature. Art history is her passion, and she enjoys swimming, and long walks in woods.

Jujja Wieslander is the author of Mamma Mu series originally from Sweden which has been translated into 32 languages of the world. Mamma Moo has also been presented into multimedia productions such as films and CDs. Jujja enjoys writing poetry for children as well and feels strongly for the free play opportunities for a child. Jujja loves nature passionately, and has fans and friends on the either side of the Atlantic.

Lennart Jönsson gave 30 years to journalism mostly being a voice for the underprivileged in developing countries like Thailand and Vietnam. About ten years ago, he re-trained himself and now works as a psychotherapist on a psychoanalytic basis. He also works closely with Jujja in their joint company "Crow and Mamma Moo", mainly with administration and book-keeping. Lennart is essentially a philanthropist and enjoys supporting different projects to make the world a better place.

Kalpana Dasgupta headed the Central Secretariat Library of Government of India for several years and was also the Director of the Delhi Public Library. She is also the chairperson to the library development committee of the Knowledge Commission of the Government of India. Widely published at home and abroad, Ms Dasgupta is known for her inspiring presence and boundless energy to take on the challenges big and small and turn them into opportunities.

Deepak Seth had been actively involved in printing-publishing Christian Literature in India before he retired in 2008. However, at present he is associated with the project of producing the first Bible Commentary from India which is being written from Dalit Perspective. Deepak has an ear for music and loves books!

Arvind Kumar has given nearly four decades to the publishing industry starting with Radha Krishna Prakashan. He served as the Director of National Book Trust (1986-97) and then moved on to be the founder Mangaing Director of Scholastic India (1997-2005). He has travelled around the globe for book promotional activities and International book fairs. He has set up a publishing house to create learning and reading opportunities for the unprivileged children in rural India and bring out meaningful books for adults. Arvind enjoys classical music both Indian and Western, and loves mountains.

Arundhati Deosthale is a journalist, editor and translator published in English, Hindi, and Marathi. She did a two-year stint with Unesco on two projects, and served as a contributing editor in Sahitya Akademi's Encyclopaedia of Indian Literature (1986-98). She has been Director Publishing & Book Clubs in Scholastic India (1998-2005). She has a body of journalistic writing to her credit and has translated over 80 books for children from different countries into English and Hindi. Arundhati loves to travel, and is totally a nature freak.

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