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Independent Publishing

We publish outstanding works, mostly non-fiction of general interest, in English, Hindi, and various other Indian languages. These include original titles as well as translations of international bestsellers. We have also published Indian and foreign classics for children, both fiction and non-fiction. To these, we are now adding Hindi and Marathi translations of select world literature, mainly celebrated fiction for adults.

Need-based Publishing of Children's Books

To meet the scarcity of quality children's books in Indian languages, we offer adaptations of the latest and the best children's books from Scholastic - the world's largest publisher and distributor of children's books - in the languages of the Indian sub-continent. We produce these books against firm orders, and sell them at affordable prices based on the local cost of product. We are also trying to extend this service to other parts of South and South-East Asia.

Book Consultancy

We offer business solutions to various needs and queries about publishing and distribution in the Indian sub-continent. We also offer consultancy to foreign publishers for doing business in India.

We develop books and posters to serve specific needs in any language of the region. We also provide translations, adaptations, and illustrations of books.

We assist NGOs, schools and libraries, by suggesting and procuring sets of suitable age-appropriate books for children.

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