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Pita se Mile Sapne (Dreams from my Father)
By Barack Obama
Hindi Translation: Ashok Kumar
Paperback: 400 Pages
Date of Publishing: January 2009
ISBN: 978-81-8452-017-0
Dimension: 14.5cm x 23.5cm
Price: Rs 250

Mukhtar Mai
Izzat ke Naam ek Dastavez
By Marie-Therese Cuny with Mukhtar Mai
Hindi Translation: Neelabh
Date of Publishing: October 2006
ISBN: 81-903651-2-6
Dimension: 14.0cm x 21.5cm
Price: Rs 100

Mukhtar Mai undoubtedly is a life extraordinary. The story of her life is one of the most inspiring stories of our times. Mukhtar Mai faced dishonour with the sanction of her village Panchayat in Pakistan. But she rose to put the trauma behind her, and start a school for the children of her village, setting a dazzling example before the whole world.

Mukhtar Mai speaks about her life to a French journalist and through her to the whole world.

Kabul ka Kitabwala
By Asne Seierstad
Hindi Translation: Anant Mittal
Edited by Arvind Kumar
Paperback: 243 Pages
Date of Publishing: September 2006
ISBN: 81-903651-1-8
Dimension: 14.0cm x 21.5cm
Price: Rs 150

A vivid story of a present day Afghanistan, coming from a Norwegian journalist young woman who stayed with the family of a book shop owner for a few months after the war. The first person account pulsating with life has immediacy of appeal in it's portrayal of present social scene especially the life of women and the conditions they live in.

A bestseller already, translated into several languages of the world, we have specially brought out the Hindi edition for our readers.

Aaj ka Iran
Kranti aur Asha ki Dastaan
By Shirin Ebadi with Azadeh Moaveni
Hindi Translation: Arundhati Deosthale
Paperback: 214 Pages
Date of Publishing: January 2007
ISBN: 81-903651-5-0
Dimension: 14.0cm x 21.5cm
Price: Rs 150

Dr Shirin Ebadi, a human rights activist, and the winner of Nobel peace prize, 2003, gives an authentic account of Iran as it is today. She speaks of the socio-political scene leading to revolution, and change in rule and all that happened. Iran which was centre of the Persian culture, rich in oil fields is enmeshed in violence for the last 30 years. There isn't a single family that has remained unaffected by what's going on.

Shirin Ebadi, a strong voice of reason speaks about her beloved country, voicing her concerns for the current social scene, and the gender based injustice inherent to the system.

Naye Bharat ke Lauh Purush
By Vir Sanghvi
Paperback: 112 Pages
Date of Publishing: September 2007
ISBN: 81-903651-9-3
Dimension: 14.0cm x 21.5cm
Price: Rs 100

These are extremely absorbing, informal dialogues with 11 top industrialists who have changed the whole spectrum of business practices in India. They have made phenomenal contributions to the national economy, paving ways for the generations to come.

Their success stories unfolding in a racy style are inspiring, providing food for thought.

Charitra Aur Niyati
Duniya ki 34 Mahaan Hastiyon ki Prranadayak Kahaniyan jo Har Kisi ko Padhni Chahiye
By John McCain and Marshall Salter
Hindi Translation: Neelabh
Paperback: 372 Pages
Date of Publishing: June 2007
ISBN: 81-903651-7-7
Dimension: 14.0cm x 21.5cm
Price: Rs 250

Charitra Aur Niyati presents the life sketches of 34 outstanding people renowned for their sterling contribution to the world. These include gifted people like Leonardo da Vinci, Elizabeth I, George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr., Winston Churchill, Joan of Arc, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi and Mother Teresa to name a few.

Each of these personalities stands for an awe-inspiring quality, and Senator John McCain brings out how it not only shaped their destiny, and made a difference to the whole world.

Kushal Vyvasayee
Apne Karobar ko Bheed se Aage Kaise le Jaye
Safalta ke Aath Sutra

By Donna Fenn
Hindi Translation: Sudhir Bansal
Paperback: 204 Pages
Date of Publishing: January 2007
ISBN: 81-903651-3-4
Dimension: 14.0cm x 21.5cm
Price: Rs 150

Kushal Vyavasayee presents success stories of small entrepreneurs who made it big, on the sheer basis of their unique ideas, and way of thinking. These innovative businessmen share their success stories, and inspire you to steal the march over the bigwigs.

This book is a great hand-book for those who are in a small business, and have big dreams to grow and create a place for themselves.

Aap ki Kismat Aap ke Haath
Apne Avsar Khud Banaiye
By Teresa Cheung
Hindi Translation: Neelabh
Paperback: 259 Pages
Date of Publishing: September 2006
ISBN: 81-903651-0-X
Dimension: 14.0cm x 21.5cm
Price: Rs 150

Do you wonder if there's something like destiny and what role does it play in shaping our lives? This book is a sure and easiest way to help to those who want to be lucky in life and leave nothing to chance. Get hold of the key to your destiny, take charge of your life right away.

Be your own master, and make your own road to success.

Amavas ki Raat
By Hanne Orstavik
Hindi Translation: Arundhati Deosthale
Paperback: 104 Pages
Date of Publishing: October 2008
ISBN: 81-8452-014-X
Dimension: 14.0cm x 21.5cm
Price: Rs 80

Hanne Orstavik, translated into 12 languages of the world is reckoned as one of the most outstanding young novelists of Norway today. In this minimalist novel, she brings alive a spine-chilling tragedy of an intense single mother so lost in her inner drifts, that she ends up losing her son to a mad turn of events, on the eve of his birthday.

Brage prize for best Norwegian novel (2004) Sult prize
Analie Skram prize Oktober prize Doublog prize

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